MSP Dots: Starting the new journey

(This post is for BRAC University MSP people.)

At last it began, the Microsoft Student Partner 2014-2015 session at BRAC University. Well, it’s an honour and privilege to be part of such an opportunity with such amazing peoples. This time, stakes are higher, opportunities are higher and outcome values are also higher. The high dive to the cutting edge learning experience is named MSP 2.0. Being a MSP requires dedication and persistence, and it all sums up to the exclusive learning experiences and opportunities provided by Microsoft- including exclusive bootcamps, training sessions, and fun events. It does not only gives you the opportunity to learn but also sets you apart from the others.

BRAC University MSP 2014-2015

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This session, BRACU MSP has already made the record of the highest number of MSPs from single campus and also the record of the highest number of women MSPs from a campus. That already has been set us apart. Though it also puts us under careful watch, people will be expecting big outcomes from us. So, buckle up people.

This time MSP is all about shining through. And one key part is acquiring points. More about point criterias are here:

Make sure you keep communicating to your leads, seniors on a regular basis. One key thing to success is to be united. Make sure you are submitting your points properly (no dishonest means should be there). Point submissions can be done using this form: Always look for the opportunities to grab points!

On that note: You will get points for the actions under the MSP 2.0 criteria since the July 2014. So if you have done things before between July and August, apply for points now.

Remember: Attend every university MSP sessions. Take part in activity. Take responsibilities by yourselves and fulfil those. It’s one for all, and all for all.

Keep working, keep learning. Shine through everything and be everything awesome. We have big promises to keep. All the best to all!

For now, dotting out.

Ending The World Cup Season

Have we reached the last part of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014? It is nonetheless a trivial question to ask! Of course, we have! It’s less than 24 hours to go to finish this World Cup Football while we are putting this here! There remains one last battle- the finals! The last match of the world cup that will decide the new kings to the throne. Who are the teams that will play this match? Another trivial question. You already know that we have a team consisting of the current best player of the world, who is also known as a magician (abracadabra!) and a player out of this planet (in short, alien!) to everyone. Yes! We are talking about a four times Ballon D’Or winner Lionel Messi and a two times world champion team Argentina. And they will face a team that according to many people consists of all aliens and one of them is the all time top goal scorer in world cup history! They are three times world champion team Germany who has the person we talked about, goal machine Miroslav Klose.

Fact: Argentina and Germany has a long time history on World Cup facing each other, including the 1986 World Cup, second and last World Cup victory for Argentines (till now) which led the Argentines to the top of the ranking for the first time. And, also the next World Cup on 1990, where Germany took the championship from Argentines in the penalty at 85 minutes.

Let us talk about the two finalists. Latin giant Argentina and European powerhouse Germany will face each other for the ultimate pride in less than 24 hours. Various sources have already declared that Germany will win this match. Even the ones, who said Argentina would win, indirectly indicated Germans as the winner! But what’s in predictions? Football is the game of ultimate uncertainty!
Let’s see why should any of the teams win the trophy!

Fact: Argentina has reached to the finals for the fourth time now, and will be battling for the third World Cup title. Though being the second top goal scorer for the national team with 42 goals, magician Lionel Messi hasn’t touched the trophy yet as winner.

Argentina has a very strong attacking line up consisting of players like Sergio Agüero, Gonzalo Higuain, Di Maria, Pérez and the magician Lionel Messi. This attacking lineup has the potential to destroy any defense on the football field in the world. Defense with players like Zabaleta, Mascherano can stop a good attack and they showed it in Semis. We already saw goal keeper Sergio Romero’s incredible performance for which, he is not much far from being a great, if hasn’t been already. Argentinian style of football is “Beauty-Loving”. They love to play in short passes and attack opponent altogether. The Latin beauty of football is very much visible while magician and his knights are playing. A world cup might be due for the magician now. Even their “arch-rival”, who met their end not so before in this tournament, is cheering for Argentinians. It’s been a honorary tradition for South Americans to hold the Cup to themselves whenever it was been hosted on a South American ground. Obviously, this matters a lot. And it matters way more when the final is at legendary Maracana stadium.

On the news: Neymar hopes that Messi win this World Cup.

Fact: It’s the fourth cup Germans are after, playing the seventh World Cup finals. Miroslav Klose, the top scorer for Germany with outnumbering 71 goals and currently the record holder for highest number of goals in World Cup, facing the final for the second time.

Germans do not give a damn to beauty! At the end of the day, football is a game of goals and they will score goals no matter what! Since the beginning of world cup, they are one of those teams that scored goal in each match. The defense line with Matt Hummels, Philip Lahm, Jérôme Boateng, Per Mertesacker, Erik Durm is a very well organized one and it can supply ball to the midfield quickly. Midfield of this team has stars like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mesut Özil, Mario Götze, Sami Khedira. Youngsters like André Schürrle and Toni Kroos have already shown their worth in this team. The forward line of this team has young Thomas Müller and two experienced forwards like Miroslav Klose at front and Lukas Podolski at the mid. This team does not depend on any individual but a whole unit. It’s very difficult to stop such a team because there is no such player to target. Just like most other European teams, Germany also depends on their “Get, Run, Shoot” type of football. Once you give ball to a German player, you cannot rest in peace. The last hope for Germans is Manuel Neuer, the legendary “sweeper-keeper”. This goal keeper is insanely good! Scoring a goal against him might just be impossible. Such a decorated unit certainly deserves a world cup! If they can do it, they will be repeating the history, and creating a new one as a first European winner of World Cup on South American ground.

Fact: Thomas Müller has already won a Golden Boot, and currently running for the second, and totaling 10 goals in World Cups so far. While Klose took four World Cups to set his record, this youngster might need less to break it.

Predictions are in favor of Germany and so is every calculation. But we must not forget that there is one Messi in Argentain side who can make things messy for the oppositions, break all the equations, and make his own. This world cup has seen some beautiful goals, rising superstars, awesome goal keepers and many more. Who guaranteed that nothing special is left for the finals?! We can hope for an epic battle between strength, power, tactics and beauty and pass. So who will it be at Maracana? Get ready to hold your breath. It’s going to be the Game of Thrones of footballs, live.

Dotting out for now. Have fun folks!
Collaboratively written by: AKM Nivrito and Dipro Barua
( MATCHBOX, is a part of DOT presenting views on various sport related stuffs. This post was written and edited by AKM Nivrito.)

June: The World Cup Season

It’s June folks. Along with the Father’s Day and Children’s Day (in many regions), we are going to have another international celebration added as an extra this year. It’s FOOTBALL DAY! Yes! It’s FIFA World Cup 2014, the largest event of country-wise football.

Keep Calm and Watch Football

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most anticipated events of this year. Millions of football fans around the globe are waiting for this grand tournament to begin. We still have to wait till June 12 to see the event unveil itself.

The tournament this year is interesting in too many ways. This year, every winner of FIFA World Cup since 1930 will be playing. (Interesting!) And to take things up a notch, this year the host is Brazil, the nation with the most successful World Cup history. Now, history tells us that South American teams won the World Cups on South America. And here, we will be watching Brazil play on his own grounds. It looks like Brazilian national team will be in quite a pressure. Spain will be also in pressure to defend the title of champion since their first World Cup title in 2010. (Not sure if they are at Brazil or pressure cooker!)

Including the US$35 Millions for the winner, the tournament will be giving US$576 Millions as prizes! With that amount of money, you can buy nearly 200 units of latest Lamborghini Huracáns (while they have only 76 units going out of production till now!) And the players will be kicking a specially made US$160 ball named Brazuca. (But, I am sure that it still wouldn’t feel wonderful like kicking my enemy’s . .  ahem!)

FIFA is introducing Goal-Line tech in this tournament (finally), and also the “Vanishing Spray”. Yes, you heard me right. If you are wondering about how to get into FIFA’s closet to get one for yourself, so that you can become invisible and do some really weird stuffs (let’s not talk about that here), it would be a disappointment! The spray doesn’t vanish anything, except itself. It’s a spray to mark the 10-yard line for the free kicks and it would disappear in a minute. (Poof!)

As usual the tournament will be full of noise with the roars and shouts of millions of fans gathered on Brazil. But to make things more noisy, there is another thing that might take place. Remember the famous ear tearing instrument, Vuvuzela, from 2010 World Cup? Here enters Caxirola, a percussion based instrument modified from a traditional instrument of Brazil. Noise it up folks, let the world know that the biggest football craze is here!

One thing I really miss (apart from the old Brazilian legends on the team) is the theme song. Last year’s one was sort-of good, both from the lyrics and music. (It was the Shakira’s “Waka Waka”, not K’naan’s “Wavin’ Flag” guys! Later one was Coca-Cola’s World Cup tune, not official FIFA WC theme.) This year, whatever thing the hairless guy tried to tell us, was really uninteresting! It’s so uninteresting that after hearing that, I find my younger brother who is tapping his toy piano randomly being the next Mozart! I mean why such abomination to such grand thing? No wonder it pissed off Pelé!
Ultimately, following the last year’s amazing tune, Coca-Cola brought a tune that brings the sense of harmony yet another anthem. No, this post wasn’t a Coke advertisement or anything. I am stating what I felt. Feel free to listen to the amazing song here. (Here for the extended edition.)

It’s going to be an exciting series of mind-blowing matches, right from the hearts of a country where football is a daily chore.

Fire the Brazuca!

Dotting out for now. Have fun folks!
( MATCHBOX, is a part of DOT presenting views on various sport related stuffs. This post was written and edited by AKM Nivrito.)

Rain Rain . .

There are still two weeks to go for the actual “Monsoon” to come around to this part of Northern Hemisphere. Yet I have to watch the Earth taking a shower in rain in the early morning since last week. Last seven days, I have been waking up in the morning and seeing the Sun peeping through my window. But, everyday, by the time I get done with putting toothpaste on my brush, the Sun leaves the stage. While I prepare my coffee, the clouds gather for their “Rain dance”. And whenever I get ready to get out, no matter how early it is, it starts to rain.

You know, I actually don’t hate rain. I love it. I love those clouds creating a shadowy painting over the sky. I love the raindrops falling straight down to the ground and getting scattered. I love trees soaked in rains, though I don’t like myself getting soaked in rains when I don’t want. But there is another very good reason to love the rain at this time of Summer- it lessens the heat!

Summer is kind of crazy here in Bangladesh, as like most of the things here. The traditional summer starts with a thunderstorm known as “Kaal Boishakhi”.

If there is no thunderstorm, the Summer is not properly started yet!

So, yes, summer here needs rainstorm for it’s inauguration! As the summer is really hot (Captain Obvious here!) and the rain and wind increases the humidity here, the whole country turns into a huge sauna! Except for the “Air Conditioned” places. 35-40 degree of Celsius is somehow tolerable amount of temperature, but the 70-80% of humidity is the problem. In such cases, the public buses turn into pre-heated ovens. You can even cook “Tandoori Chicken” there if you want! (Do try it, if you are one of the bus riders of Bangladesh.) So after this sweating experience of summer heat, these “proactive” rains help to cool down Mother Nature’s rage. It also helps us save the electricity! (That’s a valiant reason to be happy!)

I know it ruins the day of outdoorsy people, and I really feel sad for you. But for the people like me who spends 50% of his life time mingling with his PC, roaming on the net and reading books, it’s “Eid in Sha’aban” (Those who don’t understand Arabic calender read, “Christmas in May” !) People find it gloomy, I find it pretty interesting! Going outside after the rain is one of the interesting things for me. The “after rain” weather is perfect for walking! There are mud and dirt, and the national problem of our capital – clogged water, still I love to walk! (If you are thinking what a crazy person I am, I must assure you that I am a crazy person!)

The only thing that bothers me in a rainy day when I am outside, nobody sings ” . . You can stand under my umbrella . .” for me! 😦

Dotting out for now. Have a happy and lovely monsoon, folks!